Benjamin Kweskin

Middle East and International Affairs Analysis

Specializing in Middle Eastern and International Affairs, Benjamin Kweskin has been researching and writing for over fifteen years and has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, North Africa and beyond.

He has presented his research in various venues and settings, including at several national and international academic conferences and has published numerous articles in Rudaw, Jerusalem Post, Philos Project, among others. In 2013-2014, he and his wife lived in the Kurdistan Region (Iraq) in the Region’s capital, Erbil as an educator, lecturer, journalist, and tour guide. He was also the main Historical Researcher for the official Kurdistan Region Tour Guide (2015-2016), the most comprehensive tour guide about this Region to date. Kweskin was also Senior Editor and Policy Writer for Kurdistan24 English online. He is also an adjunct professor.

MA, Political Science
Georgia State University 2013

MA, International Studies
University of Denver 2008

BS, Political Science
Appalachian State University 2005

Language Proficiency
Hebrew (Proficient-conversational fluent)
Arabic (Intermediate)
Kurdish, Sorani (Beginning-Intermediate)