Jewish Shrine Defies ISIS ON War’s Edge

Kweskin confirmed facts about the tomb of Nahum reported by journalists from National Geographic and Haaretz newspaper during the last two years. Jews in the area were forced to flee AlQosh in 1948, at which time the iron keys to the tomb were handed to an Assyrian-Christian man named Sami Jajouhana who agreed to look after it…”

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Surprisingly cool and cosmopolitan Kurdistan

Benjamin Kweskin, 32, raised in Charlotte and now in Atlanta, lived in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, for 10 months. He and his wife, Whitney, moved to Erbil in August 2013, five days after they were married, to teach English and social studies at a private school there.

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Priest tells UN: Israel is the “only safe place” for Christians in the Middle East

Cited in a blog post on (Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council). Worth a read. Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

The Middle East has been increasingly intolerant in recent decades of religious and ethnic minorities of all types – a reality driven in large part first by the rise of Arab Nationalism and more recently of Islamism. This includes not only Christians, but Yazidis, Kurds, Shi’ites in Sunni-majority regions and vice-versa, Druze, Alawis, Berbers and of course Jews. A lot of the relentless and even openly racist hostility to Israel across the region should be understood in this context.

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