Befriend Your Fellow Neighbors

“…there is a noticeable gaping hole when it comes to comprehensive outreach and engagement with the disparate Metro Atlanta Muslim communities. In fairness, the converse is also true. While there are some organizations doing truly impactful work and some synagogues and mosques participate in each other’s programs now and then, this is neither centralized nor consistent and lacks any long term strategy.”

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Syrian Kurdish Refugees Start Over In Atlanta

We are originally from Afrin but lived in Aleppo (Syria’s second city) and moved there when we were children. We grew up with nothing. Though we went to school, no one cared about us; we we did not even have bicycles like my children now have. The Syrian government [led by former dictator Hafez al-Assad did not care about us. They did not like us or care about us because we are Kurds. The government did not invest in Kurdish areas as a policy: there was no industry, no new schools—nothing. We are very proud to be Kurdish: we named our children after a famous Kurdish folk song.

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