I’m a black reverend whose grandfather marched with King and Heschel. Here’s how white Jews can support black people right now.

Quoted here in this important piece by my friend, Rev. Anthony Johnson


“A lot of my Jewish friends are asking me how they can help and what needs to be done regarding the killing and lynching of individuals and families in the black community, most recently George Floyd.”

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Being Jewish Series: Israel is a Person, a Place and a People (Kehillah, Richmond, VA)

The term Israel means “to struggle with God” (Yisra-El). Israel is…

  • A person. Jacob the patriarch, son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham. He is named Israel by God after struggling with a messenger.
  • A place. Israel has been used to name several places:
  • A people. Israel is another term for the Jewish people, no matter where we are or where we come from.

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Old and New: Ford Factory Square and 725 Ponce to live in harmony on BeltLine

When it was announced that the infamous “Murder Kroger” was going to be demolished to make way for the mixed-use 725 Ponce development, many wondered what would happen to its neighbor, the historic Ford Factory Square building.

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Befriend Your Fellow Neighbors

“…there is a noticeable gaping hole when it comes to comprehensive outreach and engagement with the disparate Metro Atlanta Muslim communities. In fairness, the converse is also true. While there are some organizations doing truly impactful work and some synagogues and mosques participate in each other’s programs now and then, this is neither centralized nor consistent and lacks any long term strategy.”

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Kurdish Iraqi aid workers feel heat as corruption and war take toll

Non-government organisations in Iraqi Kurdistan have warned that their activities are being curtailed by a mixture of financial insecurity and interference by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

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