Being Jewish Series: Israel is a Person, a Place and a People (Kehillah, Richmond, VA)

The term Israel means “to struggle with God” (Yisra-El). Israel is…

  • A person. Jacob the patriarch, son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham. He is named Israel by God after struggling with a messenger.
  • A place. Israel has been used to name several places:
  • A people. Israel is another term for the Jewish people, no matter where we are or where we come from.

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Very Quietly, Israel and Iraqi Kurdistan Build Ties

Since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the removal of Saddam Hussein, Israel and Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region have steadily converged toward one another, despite their official stance that there are no such relations. In reality, their forbidden friendship is purposefully opaque due to lack of formal ties between Tel Aviv and Baghdad—and has frequently circumvented such diplomatic protocols.

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Thoughts on Jewish-Muslim Engagement in the era of Trump

I AM very heartened to see several national Jewish organizations across the political and ideological spectrum supporting American Muslims, a community clearly under attack and on the defensive amid the unprecedented McCarthyite witch-hunt by the current presidential administration regime and many of its emboldened supporters.

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Israel’s ambivalent relations with Turkey’s Kurds

Unlike the warm, if not ambiguous and largely indirect relationship between Israel and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq, relations between Israeli and Kurdish actors in Turkey have been considerably more fraught. For Turkey’s Kurds, pro-Israel sentiment has been less forthcoming and enthusiastic —Israel is often viewed as participating in regional realpolitik with NATO-ally Turkey—often at the expense of Kurds.

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Jewish Shrine Defies ISIS ON War’s Edge

Kweskin confirmed facts about the tomb of Nahum reported by journalists from National Geographic and Haaretz newspaper during the last two years. Jews in the area were forced to flee AlQosh in 1948, at which time the iron keys to the tomb were handed to an Assyrian-Christian man named Sami Jajouhana who agreed to look after it…”

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