Revisiting the Relationship Between Armenians and Kurds

Coming out of the genocide, there was a common cause shortly afterward. Armenians were helpful and sympathetic to the Kurds in the 1920s and 1930s. It is also noteworthy that today there is a solid relationship among these diaspora communities.

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Hollywood can do more for Kurdistan

Given that celebrities have just as much access to the latest geopolitical happenings it is somewhat surprising that the “Kurdish issue” has not received much support from those in Beverly Hills—even after front-page headlines announced that Islamic State (IS) committed genocide against Ezidis (Yezidis) and ethnically cleansed most of the Iraqi Christian population from their homes.

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Drawing new lines in the sand: Iraq’s ‘disputed’ or ‘occupied’ territories

It is no secret that Middle Eastern countries, with few if any exception, would not support a future independent Kurdistan, despite several regional countries’ economic investments. These same countries overwhelmingly reject the presence of Israel in the region as well, yet in some cases business continues behind closed doors. 


Ignored Minorities In the Middle East

The world is finally paying attention to the plight of Syrian and Iraqi Kurds, Christians and Yezidis. Hopefully this will shed a light on the repression of many of the region’s other minorities.


Instability In Iraq: A Historical Tragedy

While Western governments, the media, and concerned citizens continue to wring their hands in frustration about the best approach in dealing with the current IS terror reign one consistent aspect rings true about the current Republic of Iraq: it was not truly stable before 2003, and it is was not truly stable in 1932.


Jumping on the Kurdish Bandwagon

Many policymakers, politicians and writers have the gall to continue demanding that Kurds remain part of a “unified” Iraq — despite the fact that Kurds are almost unanimously opposed to IS; that the Kurdish people have been oppressed and persecuted and had genocide committed against them by various iterations of Baghdad since Iraq’s inception; and that almost every Kurd wants to live in a free and independent state.