Priest Exposes Parallels in Jewish, Yazidi Genocides

On Aug. 3, 2014, Islamic State blitzed through dozens of northern Iraq’s minority-inhabited towns and villages, expelling, kidnapping, enslaving and massacring along the way. Many Christian, Shabak and Kakai’i people lost everything and were forced to flee their ancestral lands. But none suffered like the Yazidis.

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Yezidi vulnerability before ISIS

ISIS’ infamous brutality is a culmination of an otherwise long and violent record of militant attacks against this persecuted minority over the last several years. Out of the dozens of attacks, it is noteworthy that as far back (at least) as 2004, Yezidis have been targeted by extremists.

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Kurdish Organizations in Europe call for International Day to Save Sinjar

Today, the Kurdish Diaspora in Europe and the Committee for Defending Religions and Ethnic Groups in Iraq, along with several Yezidi organizations, are marking the day as the International Day to Save Sinjar, to be followed by the UN Human Rights Day on December 10. This is a call to action and for greater awareness among governments and individuals, and seeks to educate and encourage people to become engaged in what is happening to the Yezidis in Sinjar and northern Iraq. This article is the result of an interview with Mr. Lakshari, co-chair of the Committee for Defending Religions and Ethnic Groups in Iraq


Ignored Minorities In the Middle East

The world is finally paying attention to the plight of Syrian and Iraqi Kurds, Christians and Yezidis. Hopefully this will shed a light on the repression of many of the region’s other minorities.